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The Masonic Handshake by Romanos

The Masonic Handshake by Romanos
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Foreword by Dee Christopher:

Romanos is a professional performer from Greece, who has authored many great routines on DVD, as well as some clever gimmicks for the close up mentalist. (The Business from Alakazam, Loki from MagicTao, Silver Swindle from MagicTao/Vanishing Inc, etc.)

What a lot of his fans don't know is that Romanos is also a very accomplished hypnotist; dealing in hypnotherapy with his mentor, but also hypnotic performances for entertainment. Romanos is an EXPERT at merging hypnosis and mentalism flawlessly to create a truly mystifying performance.

The Masonic Handshake is a physical technique matched with clever linguistics that give the illusion of hypnosis to your audience, even in close up environments. You will apparently remove a participant's strength and as the routine progresses you slowly freeze them completely.

The important thing here is that no actual hypnosis is used, it describes a fool-proof method (assuming your participant can follow basic instructions!) that you can employ as a stand-alone effect, OR you can use it to prime your audience for real hypnosis.

This PDF is short and sweet, hence the very reasonable price, but it will teach you a wonderful, workable and compelling demonstration of mind control that you can perform at a moment's notice with zero prep and zero props.

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