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Disguised is a brilliant effect that will fool many magicians. Highly recommended. -- Devin Knight.



This is a Great Magician's Fooler:
Borrow a Deck of cards
Have it freely shuffled by your spectator (or your Magic buddy)
Ask him to spread the deck on the table and to have a card selected.
The card is placed back to the Deck.
And the Deck is cut several times.
At no point you have grabbed the deck neither grab or touch the card that has been selected.
You ask the spectator to star dealing face down card by card, you ask him to stop when you feel he has dealt his card, you show it to him, it is his card: You never touched the deck.
Want it even better?
You can even reveal the card that was selected before you turn it over to show its face.
100% practical
Everything is totally examinable at all time
No psychology
No muscle reading
Easy to do
Magician's Fooler
For any questions you may have please feel free to contact me HERE.
all the best

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