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Imagine Being Able to perform endless mentalism effects with ONE single Method!

Imagine that Method being the simplest thing to do!
Can you lift your own hand?
Imagine being able to know what a person is thinking of by JUST lifting your own hand!
Now: STOP imagining! Cause LIFT exists.
LIFT is a very easy Mentalism technique involving one single movement that Nefesch has kept in his pocket for Years, but finally he is giving it away, this technique will help you achieve any mind reading act you wanted.
Routines Included:
Psychological Draw Duplication
Newspaper/Book test
And more...
Q: Is the method for LIFT related with psychology, NLP, Verbal suggestion, or any of those difficult things to do?
A: NO! LIFT is an easy to do movement you do with your hand, that move will provide you with all the information you need so you can reveal your spectator's thoughts.
Q: Does it matter if I am left or right handed?
A: NO! LIFT can be done by either right or left handed people.
Q: Does it require a big setup?
A: NOT AT ALL! LIFT is basically impromptu!
Q: What is the quality of the video?
A: It has been filmed in FULL HD!
Q What is the length of the video?
A: 1h 45 min.
Q: How long will it take me to master the method?
A: Around 5 minutes for a regular person, 10 minutes for a dummie!
Q: What is that Dreams routine that is included?
A: Is an adaptation to an ANYWHERE ANY TIME situation to perform the Dreams routine that Nefesch performed at THE NEXT URI GELLER show in 2009.
Q Is there a link to see the performance video of that Dreams routine?








For any questions you may have please feel free to contact me HERE.
all the best

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