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Men At Work

Men At Work
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I promise you: This are the best 14 USD you will have invested in a long time ! 

This is probably the BEST PDF I have ever released ! 

I am sharing with you some of my best REAL WORKERS.  Routines that I have performed and perfected for years; and they still form part of my close up act.

The effects you will find in this PDF are Stronng, they are really a round kick to the spectator's brain.

Strong Scientific mentalism, that will make you look as if you really can manipulate people's choices.

Money Back Guarantee! 

If you don't find these effects STRONG AND PRACTICAL, you can get a full refund.

Men at work includes 3 of my very Best Mentalism Close up effects.

No dual reality!  No weird methods!  Just pure, direct, strong, kick to the brain material!

If you are a professional you don't want to miss the material I am including in this PDF.

I guarantee that the effects and routines included are so Strong and Practical that you will immediately include them in your arsenal and repertoire.

Effects included:

Science Matters:
You show and PROVE to your audience that you can condition people to say any word you want!

Heads Down:
A very clean take in the Max Maven's Positive Negative effect.  This is the version I used either on my close up or stage act.  No switches, One single prediction, The spectator keeps the prediction from the beginning to the end, they open the prediction and they keep it !

A very emotive performance, where the spectator "destroys" her subject of hate.



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