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Dual Reality

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. The Eagle Table
  For more information about this product, contact Nefesch at: This..
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Achromatic Prediction
- INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO -   A box is given to anyone you want (the chief of police, the ..
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Black Hat by Romanos
Romanos, The Greek TV mentalist, is back with another offering of his unique thoughts and ideas. ..
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Blackout by Nefesch
-------------------- INSTANT DOWNLOAD  ------------------------------- Your specta..
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Fever by Nefesch
-- Instant Download --   FEVER is a high impact telekinesis effect.  It wil..
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Inside your Mind
- INSTANT DOWNLOAD -   Nefesch has performed Magic and Mentalism professionally for the l..
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- INSTANT DOWNLOAD -     Imagine Being Able to perform endless mentalism effe..
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Hi Nefesch, thanks for sharing your book. I really enjoyed it - great work! There is a lot of great..
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- INSTANT DOWNLOAD -     Newz - By Nefesch   A brand new totally i..
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P.R.R. 2.0
- INSTANT DOWNLOAD -        My friend Titanas was the first person t..
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- INSTANT DOWNLOAD   RIGHT NOW is the name of my new manuscript, and includes three MENTA..
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SocialMind a.k.a. MentalGram
    Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become some of the most popular s..
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- INSTANT DOWNLOAD -   If telepathy was real, what would it look like? It's ofte..
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- INSTANT DOWNLOAD -   "Nefesch's new book, Twins, is wonderful. It is a great impromptu ..
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